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Open standards are well adopted well adopted by the ICT branch. Lots of applications, sometimes visible sometimes hidden, make good and extensive use of - for instance - XML by now. Whether its used for publishing, information exchange or process control.

What would the consequences be if this technology is applied for more and more more business applications? Can you control the force of this technology? Are there any alternatives at all? What about investments and what do we receive in return?

The subjects

In order to provide an answer to above questions - and any other question you might have - Diderot Track has organised a course 'XML for business managers'.

Obtain a clear understanding about the how and why of this technology. It will give a better grip on matters and allows for better decision making when IT is at stake.

Suitable for

CEOs, CIOs, knowledge managers, information managers, department managers, management assistants etc.




Gain an in-depth understanding of business and organisational consequences using a technology like XML and how it can be used to solve real business problems.

The program for this course is not a fixed program. You are invited, even encouraged, to submit questions, cases and points for discussion when you register. Be assured that we will address the issues you put up. Intention for this course is to give you a good idea what the possibilities and strength of using XML is.

De next few subjects will probably addressed anyhow:

  • What is an open standard, Castor oil or a mill stone;

  • Standards and Return on Investment;

  • Using XML, what else can you use it for;

  • The impact of Standardization on your organisation;

  • Sharing information, can it be done;

  • Commercial products versus open source;

  • Overview most important standards;

  • Discussion and questions answered.

This course can also be performed 'in-house', for instance if a relative large group of people within your organisation wants to attend. If this is the case, this can be indicated on the registration form. When indicated we will contact you in order to make the proper arrangements.

Dates en price

Datum **) Location **) Price *)
January 2014 The Hague - 09:00 till 16:00 hour (with a drink afterwards). € 850,00
On appointment Your location On agreement
*) All prices are net (i.e. excluding sales tax). We reserve the right to change our rates at any time.
**) The final date and location will be communicated

General conditions


Cancellations until two weeks before the start of a course will be charged 20% of the fee due. In case of cancellations later than this the complete fee will be due.


When a participant is unable to participate a replacing person is allowed to follow the course instead. A notification of such a replacement is required prior to the course.


Payments are due before the start of the course. Diderot Track preserves the right to exclude participants from the course when the payment is not received in time.


In cases where the participation is not sufficient, the course can be cancelled by Diderot Track up to 8 days before the actual course would take place.

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